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The Family Ministry at Redmond Christian Church exists to cultivate a thriving community of followers of Jesus who live in mutual responsibility for one another’s vitality as the greater family of God.

We do this by:

-Facilitating communal growth in faith.

-Pointing all followers of Jesus to their greater family of God expressed as the local church.

-Investing in children by teaching them the Scriptures and calling them to become godly men and women of faith and consequence.

-Reinforcing the household primarily by building up parents as the discipleship leaders of their families.

-Providing biblical, spiritual, relational, and practical resources.

Family Nights

-The first Wednesday of every month we come together as a church family, pot luck style! We host family nights for the purpose of enlivening the communal faith of our church family.

Kid's Bible Classes

We offer Kids Bible Classes on Sunday mornings that are focused on the Word of God, aim to produce a faith-centered encounter between our kids and their peers as well as other godly adult members of our church, and point them to the importance of the local church and their valuable role in our community.

Crossover Student Ministry

The student ministry at Redmond Christian Church exists to call middle school and high school students to become godly men and women of faith and consequence, teach them the Scriptures, and empower them to advance the kingdom of heaven in this world.  Typically we meet on Wednesdays at 6:00pm.

All Church Gathering

On the first Sunday of every month, we will not be having Kids Bible Classes.  Instead, kids will be participating in the whole gathering with their parents.  When families arrive on those Sunday mornings, they can stop by the Kid’s Check-in and pick up activity sheets for kids.   

Family Catechism Cards

We've created simple and fun catechism flashcards to help supplement family discipleship at home, especially for families with young children. "Catechism" is just a fancy way of saying "Question and Answer." These cards correspond directly with the teaching curriculum we use for Kid's Bible Classes on Sunday mornings. You can pick these cards up at the kid's check-in station on Sundays.

Uplift Central Oregon | Homeschool Resource Center
Starting in September 2022, Redmond Christian Church will be partnering with Uplift - a Christ-centered homeschool co-op based in Central Oregon that exists primarily to support parents as they homeschool their kids. We are excited to be working with Uplift to help serve the families of the city of Redmond. For more information about Uplift, visit their website at

Choose Life Ministry

Choose Life Ministry exists to bring the ultimate hope of the Gospel to bear against the most egregious human rights violation of our day.  

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