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Information About the Church and Events

Congregational Meeting

After discussion and prayer it was decided to move our Monthly Business and Prayer Time, once a month, to Sundays after our Sunday Services.  This will make it easier for some to be able to participate.  We will now have monthly Congregational Meetings.

All Church Gathering

On the first Sunday of every month, we will not be having Kids Bible Classes.  Instead, kids will be participating in the whole gathering with their parents.  When families arrive on those Sunday mornings, they can stop by the Kid’s Check-in and pick up activity sheets for kids.   

Family Night

Our Family Ministry exists to cultivate a thriving community of families who follow Jesus together and live in mutual responsibility for one another’s vitality. 

Family Nights are an integral part of accomplishing that purpose. The goal of Family Nights is to specifically enliven the communal faith and increase the spiritual health of the families at Redmond Christian Church.

 Family Nights are open for all of our church members to come and participate in growing the health of our families. Not just for young families with kids, but a whole-body effort where everyone can have a meaningful role in cultivating a thriving community of families within our church.

-Feel free to come early (around 5:30)

-We eat a meal together starting at 6:00. This is potluck style, so please bring a main dish and a side as you are able.

-We all come together as a large group for a devotional address.  We are continuing our study on the Biblical Family and the focus for this night is The Family of God.

-We will finish up by separating into age/role-specific groups where the kiddos can have time together and the parents all come together without their kids to talk and pray for one another’s   families.

 If you have any questions, please reach out to Pastor Ben.   We look forward to seeing you there!

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