Becky Hopper

Senior Ministry Director
Neskowin Oregon Coast Trip September 30th-October 3rd a $50 Non-Refundable Deposit is required by May 31st.  A minimum of 10 people are needed in order to go.
 Calendar for 2019
Becky will need to know you are coming for these activities
Call the church office 541-548-2974 or 541-548-4018
Because of some unforeseen circumstances, details and dates can change
May 16                   Turner Trip – Senior Conference – Guest Speaker Doug Priest
May 21                   Christie’s Kitchen @ Noon
June 18                   Hood River – Berries, Cherries, and lunch with Rose Bartlett 
                               Leaving at 7:30AM
June 27                   11th Annual Hayward BBQ @ 11:30AM
August 2                 Cowboy Dinner Tree
August 6                 Breakfast Potluck at 8:30AM
August 19-22          Crescent City – Redwoods, Jet Boats, 3 Nights
September              Aurora Living History Days-Leaving at 7:30AM
September 30 – October 3 11th Annual Coast Trip
October                   Senior Free Day @ High Desert Museum/Olive Garden after
October 26              3rd Annual Bazaar
November 12          Thankful Potluck @ Noon
December 12           Christmas Luncheon @ Noon