Tiny Feet

Choose Life Ministry

Please, join us as Redmond Christian Church engages our culture in this act of repentance by standing up for the lives of the unborn.  Choose Life Ministry has a dual purpose.  We aim to proclaim value and justice for all physical human life as well as the only way to eternal life as found in Jesus Christ. 

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Please, join us as we engage our culture in this act of repentance by standing up for the lives of the unborn. Believers must not be complacent and take a back seat. We need to be salt and light by standing up to the worst evil and injustice of our age as babies are being slaughtered by the thousands each day in our nation.   If you want more information, contact the church office at (541)548-2974.   You can also visit the website for the ministry End Abortion Now to see the stance we are taking in this fight https://endabortionnow.com/

We have decided to increase our presence at the abortion mill of Planned Parenthood to twice a month.  We hope to expand to every Friday should the Lord provide the funding and opportunity, as Fridays are when they schedule the mothers for surgical abortions.  We also have a desire to be out there the whole day on Fridays

(8 am to 3 pm), but for safety reasons, we need more volunteers who would be willing to come in the morning so one of us is not out there by ourselves.  To get a schedule, please contact our church at (541)548-2974 or email secretaryredmondchristian@gmail.com