We will be having our Worship Service indoors, at the church, September 20, 2020 at 10:45am!  it will be good to be together!  Please bring your chairs and we will be social distancing in the sanctuary and the fellowship hall.  We ask you to bring a mask to wear anytime you are not seated.
We will still be Livestreaming out Worship Service on Youtube and Facebook.
If you would like us to contact you or you have a prayer request or a praise, please click the link to our Redmond Christian Church Connection Card , and then click the
or you can download the Church Center App to fill out a Connection Card, check your personal information, or set up your Church Giving.  Go to the Resource Page to see how to download the app to your phone.

In light of the COVID-19, we will be posting updates of our church activities, information, and thoughts on Facebook Live and YouTube Live at Noon on Wednesdays.  The Live Updates and Worship Services are on Facebook Live , YouTube Live, and Twitch.   The Updates will be posted above.  The Messages for our Worship Service can be found under Teaching (the Ruth Series).  When we schedule a Zoom Meeting or do a special service, we will advertise those on our Facebook page and under Events on this website.   If you have questions or concern, please call our office at 541-548-2974 or send an email to secretary@redmondchristian.org.
Some have been asking how to donate the Wildfire Victims.  I have been speaking with the Mill City Christian Church Pastor, Paul Luna.  Their congregation will be setting up an account the the fire victims.  At the Board Meeting on Thursday, September 10th, our leadership talked about donating and we feel that if we give to the congregation they can make sure the funds go directly to the victims.  You can donate by writing a check to our church and in the subject line putting Wildfire Relief or you can go to Giving on this website or Church Center and choose Wildfire Relief.  We will then send the funds directly to the church. Please give money donations and the items donations from the list by September 27, 2020.   The list of items are on this document SUPPLIES (They do not need clothing). 
Here is a video from Pastor Paul Luna about what the long term plan is to help the fire victims through Mill City Christian Church