LIFE Groups Location and Times

SUNDAY ______________________________

Turner Group -6:00pm
 Leader:  Mike Turner
 Phone:  541-815-1334 – Mike & Karen Turner
Address:  Greg & Debi Strubhar
2436 SW Forked Horn Butte Rd
Redmond, Oregon

MONDAY ______________________________

Kathryn Rayner Group – 6:30pm
*For Women
 Leader:  Kathryn Rayner
 Phone:  541-548-1669 – Kathryn
 Address:  Kathleen Wonderly
3135 SW Pumice Place
Redmond, Oregon
WEDNESDAY ______________________________
Doug Hart Group – 6:30pm
 Leader:  Doug Hart
 Phone:  541-626-3005 – Doug & Mona Hart
 Email:  – Doug – Mona
 Address:  Doug & Mona Hart
65318 85th St
Bend, Oregon
Montoya/Romancier Group – 6:30pm 
 Leaders:  Tony Montoya and Glenda Romancier
 Phone:  541-706-0796 – Tony Montoya
 541-410-6015 – Glenda Romancier
Address:  Glenda Romancier
1940 Cinnamon Teal
Eagle Crest, Oregon
THURSDAY ______________________________
Karsten Group – 6:00pm
 Leader:  Paul Karsten
 Phone:  541-903-2493 – Paul
 Address:  Dick & Clair Horner
7024 NW 19th St
Terrebonne, Oregon 
FRIDAY ______________________________
Tom Hayward Group  – 10:00am
 Leader:  Tom Hayward
 Phone:  541-508-6896 – Tom
 Address:  Redmond Christian Church
536 SW Tenth Street
Redmond, Oregon 
Please feel free to call the leaders to confirm time and place of each group.