LIFE Groups Location and Times

SUNDAY ______________________________

Turner Group  – 6:00pm                                           Leader:Mike Turner                                                   Phone: 541-815-1334 Mike & Karen Turner     Address: Greg & Debi Strubhar,                                              2436 SW Forked Butte, Redmond, OR

New Group 1:00pm
Leader: Jr & Linda New and Michael Brannon        Phone: 541-350-7418 JR & Linda New
Address: JR & Linda New                                                          2103 NE Upas, Redmond, OR

Other: Potluck before and music after

O’Casey Group – 12:30pm
Leaders:  Isaac & Emily O’Casey
Phone:  541-410-6909 Isaac
Meet at the church parking lot
This is for Young Adults
Luloff Group – 6:00pm
Leader:  Russ Luloff
Phone:  541-977-4082  Russ
Address:  Joel and LaNae Barfield
    1260 NW 17th ST Redmond, OR

MONDAY ______________________________

 Troyer/Hamlin Group – 6:00pm
Leaders:  Marty Troyer and John Hamlin
Phone:  541-410-6914  Marty Troyer
             541-771-3330  John Hamlin
Email:  Marty Troyer
     Johh Hamlin
Address:  Marty & Linda Troyer’s 
               2474 SW 33rd Street
                Redmond, OR 
 Kathryn Rayner Group – 6:30pm (Women)

Leader:  Kathryn Rayner
Phone:  541-548-1669 Kathryn
Address:  Esther Theissen
1110 SW 32nd Ct Redmond, OR 

TUESDAY ______________________________

Reynolds Group – 6:30pm
Leader:  Jason Reynolds
Phone:  541-410-3578 Jason
             541-419-1706 Greg Fair
Address:  Greg and Diana Fair                                                 1910 NW JackPine Place
           Redmond, OR

WEDNESDAY ______________________________

Doug Hart Group – 6:30pm                                 Leader:  Doug Hart                                             Phone: 1-541-626-3005 Doug & Mona Hart         Email:   Doug                                       Address: Doug & Mona Hart                                                    65318 85th St., Bend, OR 
Montoya/Romancier Group – 6:30pm                   Leader: Tony Montoya and Glenda Romancier      Phone: 541-706-0796 Tony                                                   541-410-6015 Glenda                             
Address:  Glenda Romancier
                 1940 Cinnamon Teal
           Redmond, OR
THURSDAY ______________________________
Karsten Group – 6:00pm
Leader:  Paul Karsten
Phone:  541-903-2493 Paul
Address:  Dick & Clair Horner
                7024 NW 19th Street 
                Terrebonne, OR
FRIDAY ______________________________
Tom Hayward Group  – 10:00am                           Leader: Tom Hayward                 
Phone: 541-508-6896 Tom
Address:  Redmond Christian Church                                       536 SW Tenth Street