Life Group Stories
Life Group Discussion Questions
Fall 2017 – John
Week     Reference                          Title
    1           John 1:1-14                   God, The Word
   2          John 1:29-34                Lamb of God
   3          John 2:12-22                Clearing the Temple
   4          John 3:1-15                   Be Born Again
   5          John 3:16-21                 Whoever Believes in
                                                     The Son
   6          John 4:1-26                  Can I Have a Drink?
   7          John 5:1-15                   The Pool of Bethesda
   8          John 6:16-24               Walking on Water
   9          John 6:41-59                Bread of Life
  10          John 6:60-69               Deserters
  11           John 7:37-52                 Is He The Christ?
  12          John 8:31-41                 How to be Truly Free
Once the story has been told, rebuilt, and read together, good questions help the discussion.
1.  What new things did you discover or see in the story?
2.  What does the story tell us about God/Jesus?
3.  What does the story say about people?
4.  Is there a person or character in the story that you relate to?
5.  What do you think is the key message of this
6.  Does this story raise any questions for you?
7.  Is there anything confusing or apparently
     contradictory about this story?
8.  Are there any truths in this story that contradict ideas that         the world holds?
9.  What do you like about this story?  What do you dislike about       this story?
10.  What will you personally take away from the discussion of           this story?
11.  What should I do differently because of this story?
12.  How did the discussion tonight encourage you?
*Feel free to ask different or more specific questions, as the need arises.